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All television repairs in the Hollywood area come with a 30 days warranty on both parts and labor.

Hollywood, FL "City of Hollywood"

Akai Television Repair Hollywood Florida

If you are having issues with a television in the Hollywood area give us a call!

We receive a large number of calls from people needing television repair in Hollywood. Lately the majority of these calls have been due to lightning damage. Use a surge protector!

Our technicians are highly skilled at performing repairs on DLP, LCD, Plasma, Rear-Projection, and CRT televisions. We are usually able to schedule a service call on the same day if contacted before 1:00pm.

We provide in-home TV repairs in the following Hollywood zip codes: 33019, 33020, 33021, 33022, 33023, 33024, 33025, 33026, 33027, 33028, 33029, 33081, 33082, 33083, 33084, 33312, 33314, 33316, 33332

Akai Information
Akai is Korean for "three stars". This Korean electronics firm had been producing unremarkable televisions since the 70s. But today, Akai TVs are highly regarded for their DLP television technology.
We fix all models of the following makes of televisions:
Akai TV Repair Dell TV Repair Hitachi TV Repair LG TV Repair Magnavox TV Repair
Maxent TV Repair Mitsubishi TV Repair Panasonic TV Repair Philips TV Repair Pioneer TV Repair
Proview TV Repair RCA TV Repair Samsung TV Repair Sanyo TV Repair Sharp TV Repair
Sony TV Repair Sylvania TV Repair Toshiba TV Repair Westinghouse TV Repair Zenith TV Repair

LCD Television Repairs
LCD TVs make use of liquid crystal display or LCD technology. Years ago, LCD technology was used primarily for computer monitors. Eventually, LCD technology was employed for other practical and functional purposes. After a few years, LCD technology was eventually put into use in television, in cellular phones, and computer monitors.
Rear-Projection (DLP) Television Repairs
Did your DLP TV stop working and you are not sure if it is the lamp? Did you install a new lamp and your TV is not working properly?

View this useful guide to troubleshoot your problem.
CRT Television Repairs
In CRT TVs, the cathode ray tube shoots a stream of electrons toward the back of the glass panel that displays the image. The back of this glass is coated in phosphorous. The phosphorous glows when excited by the electrons, and this produces the onscreen image.
Plasma Television Repairs
There are a few different problems that are common to experience with a plasma television, one of the most common being burn-in. This can happen whenever any static image stays on the screen for a very long time and thus becomes burnt into the screen, and then is visible at least somewhat even when the image changes. This can be a very irritating when you are trying to watch television because you will be seeing a ghost pattern while you watch other programs.